Specials on industry-leading technology.

Ring in the new year with new solutions for your shop. GF Machining Solutions is offering specials on new and used technologies to take your operations to the next level. From efficient milling and electrical discharge machining (EDM) solutions to the most advanced laser texturing, additive manufacturing and automation systems, get special pricing and incentives on the tools you need to grow your business.

Maximized Uptime

All new GF equipment comes with free access to the Uptime+ Level 2 Service and Support Program, which includes a comprehensive two-year parts and labor warranty. Plus, get a 50% discount on all on-site training.

Full Connectivity

Wherever you are, GF Machining Solutions experts are always available to help, and with free rConnect Live Remote Assistance and Messenger, our customer service is faster and easier to access than ever before.

Simple Financing

We’re fully dedicated to helping you expand your shop’s capabilities and achieve business success. That’s why we’ve partnered with US Bank to offer special GF financing that will let you take full advantage of our year-end event.

GF Machining Solutions: All about you

At GF Machining Solutions, we are fully committed to your manufacturing success. And to ensure that you can stay competitive and meet your goals, we’ve made some of our most popular manufacturing solutions more affordable than ever.

See which solutions are available today to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity and discover what partnering with GF can do for your company.

Select Your Technology


Achieve superior accuracy, better surface finishes and the quickest cycle times with industry-leading milling technology.


Revolutionize your die-sinking EDM operations with innovative solutions that dramatically boost machining speed and reduce electrode wear.

Wire EDM

Get fast, precise and increasingly energy efficient solutions for everything from ultra-precise to high-speed EDM operations.

Hole drilling

Accelerate conductive material part production with robust, high-speed EDM drilling machines.

Laser texturing

Create unique designs and functional textures to expand your customization offerings – even for the most complex 3D geometries.

Laser micromachining

Meet the increasing demand for smaller, smarter parts with a wide range of optimized laser micromachining platforms.

Additive manufacturing

Design lighter, stronger parts and reduce your lead times by integrating 3D metal printing into conventional part-production processes easily with our end-to-end additive solution for serial production.


Streamline your workflow with scalable, cost-effective automation solutions for single machines and complex multi-process cells alike.

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